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Cold Lamination Machine

Includes a variable speed control Silicone rollers, all-steel construction Forward and reverse functions, a suply shaft Foot pedal operation and emergency stop button Electric or manual operation,with stand

Eva robot photographer

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then this it. Have your event be talked about with the very first autonomous robot photographer to have integrated touch screen, social media and text messaging enabled. Be the first to have it in UAE. Eva Photo robot will roam around the room and use facial recognition to latch onto a guest (or guests) and ask to take their picture. Pictures that have been taken can then be shared on social media, emailed or texted as well as pictures can be printed off at the Print Station in the room. Eva the Robot Photo Booth will be the talk of the event, attention grabbing and interactive. Please contact us for a booking on rent for your event or buy from us and you can own your very own robot photographer.

Magic Photo Mirror Flite – Photobooths

The Magic Photo Mirror FLITE is our lightest Mirror yet. Inspired by our successful Magic Photo Mirror, this NEW Magic Photo Mirror FLITE is manufactured in a lighter flight case, enabling easy lifting and moving. It’s also now the perfect size to fit into an estate car, yet large enough to keep the “Wow factor” Stand in front of the mirror and touch the specially integrated touch screen to take a full length photo. Once your photo has been captured, personalise your photo with paint, by drawing a picture or scribbling a message on screen. The Magic Photo Mirror also has a selection of emoji stamps you can add to your drawings. Collect your prints in less than 10 seconds.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3520i

Introducing the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3520i, part of Canon’s new C3500 range of multifunctional photocopiers. The new range features an upgrade to Canon’s latest ‘Gen 3’ engine and interface. The Canon imageRUNNER C3520i replaces the Canon imageRUNNER C3320i office printer. Canon have improved the day to day running costs and the performance of this product which compares favourably with all other names in the entry level A3 market. Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3520i is a powerful A3 colour multifunction with a large colour touchscreen, fast scanning and flexible connectivity all on the consistent imageRUNNER ADVANCE platform, making it ideal for busy offices looking for a workflow optimiser. New Model: Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C3830i/C3826i/C3822i/C3835i

Backgrounds & Rollers

  • Hand Operated Lifting Shaft
  • Motorized Rollers
  • Background Attachment System
Fixed into the shaft of background paper can work with single, double and triple bracket, easy to make background up and down and move

Bronzing Machine

  • Gilding
  • Polishing
  • Pneumatic Clamp
  • Excellent
  • Heat Preservator
  • Built in Air Compressor

Ceiling Rail

  • Standard Ordonnance:   3x4M
  • pantograph
  • Safety Loaded 15kg
  • Max Extended Height   200Cm
  • Min Height 43CM Net weight 4.5kg

Flash Trigger and Lights

  • Flash Digital Trigger
  • 65 Degree Reflector
  • Reflector Accessories
  • Single Studio Flash

Hot & Cold Lamination

  • 5mm- Both, RL-45 and RL-650 can laminate documents with up to 5mm in thickness.
  • Energy- Uses internal Infrared heater which makes it more energy efficient
  • Fade- Makes your colors look more brighter and protects from fading and scratches
  • Easy Operation- The machine is equipped with semi-digital user control panel for easy operation
  • Speed-Both RL-45 and RL-650 operate at an amazing lamination speed of 200-1600MM/min

Mitsubishi CP W-5000DW

The Mitsubishi CPW5000DW printing workhorse on a desktop which allows you to offer new added value and profitable services to your business as double sided fotobooks, calendars (wall and desktop), greetings cards and any product which needs to be printed by both print sides. No need special additional process & labour for cutting and sticking the both print sides as traditional technologies!! While being compact, the CP-W5000DW offers speed, large paper capacity an multiple print sizes. It comes with Mitsubishi Electric’s one-of-a-kind paper path switching method, never before seen in a small-size duplex machine.
Mitsubishi electric's unique "paper path switching method" realizes high spec 8" duplex printer despite its compact body size. Though compact, it has unimaginable printing speed, large paper capacity, and variation of print sizes
  • High speed printing
  • Large paper capacity
  • Multiple print sizes up to 8" x 12"
  • User friendly
  • High quality prints
  • 13 photo formats
  • Highest contrast of OD 2.2

Professional Studio Crane

  • Length Adjustable Camera Crane
  • Steel pulley Chain Tilt Adjustment
  • Powder Coated for Scratch Resistance
  • Easy Setup? No Tripod Head Required
  • Adjustable Pan & Tilt Friction Modes
  • Smooth Vertical And Horizontal Movements
  • High Dynamic Angles Possible

Soft Box Lighting

S Series Soft Box is used for SUN-400 
  • 02.00005 s60cm* 80cm soft box
  • 02.00006 s80cm* 80cm soft box