Epson Fabric sublimation printers are one of the best choices for businesses wanting to level up their products across different media while maintaining high performance and efficiency. You can print your art, designs, and ideas with dye sublimation printers on fabric and similar materials.

Sublimation printers are the right choice for printing photographic panels, promotional products, apparel, home décor, advertisement purposes, soft signage, and more. Epson fabric sublimation printers do this at high speed to maximize your output.

Epson integrated different features in its sublimation printers to achieve the desired results at optimal speed; features like PrecisionCore, and MircoTFP printhead equipped with Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT), help in keeping the exceptional print quality consistently throughout the printing process.


Several features constitute a high performance, excellent quality, color accuracy, and consistency. The properties mentioned below make Epson Fabric Sublimation Printer a highly productive machine, delivering the best results with minimal cost.

PrecisionCore Technology

Epson’s incredible PrecisionCore technology monitors each nozzle head and delivers the right amount of color to have optimal color accuracy; that’s why the prints from Epson printers are crisp, vivid, and accurate. The PrecisionCore technology and nozzle verification technology consistently maintain print quality.

Ultra Chrome DS Ink

The PrecisionCore Technology is integrated with Ultra Chrome DS ink packs, enabling continuous astounding image quality with rich color saturation and contrast. It’s crucial for printing on fabric and similar materials to maintain the balance between color saturation and contrast which Epson Sublimation printers do swiftly.

Simple Design

Epson sublimation printers are designed by keeping in mind the ease of use; you don’t have to go through the entire manual to start working; a touch screen panel is present on the printer, from where you can maneuver all the functions and settings. Moreover, the maintenance area is easily accessible, with a built-in cutter, easy sheet roll handling, and a reel system to take up unattended printing media.

Epson Edge Print Software

Good hardware is nothing without support-optimized software; your workflow is easily manageable with Epson edge print software featuring Adobe PDF print engine. You can even live to monitor your printer fleet with the Epson Cloud solution port.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Epson Sublimation Printers best for Fabric printing?
Epsons in-house build technology changes the game of sublimation printing; PercisionCore with NVT (Nozzle Verification Technology) monitors and delivers the best in class color saturation and contrast, resulting in incredibly detailed color-rich prints.
What makes Sublimation printer unique from other printers?
Sublimation printers are used to print on materials and surface other than paper or similar media; they provide the flexibility to print on various media across the printing spectrum.
Who can take advantage of sublimation printers?
Sublimation printers are for businesses that print on media other than paper, whether on fabric, printing photographic panels, home décor products, or for advertisement (Signages). People who love DIY can also get a sublimation printer to print their creative ideas.