Cold laminated Machine

This device presents various features that enhance its functionality. It has a variable speed control, silicone rollers, and all-steel construction, and it supports forward and reverse functions.

Besides, it comes with a supply shaft and is operated using a foot pedal, which also has an emergency stop button. Users have the option to choose between electric or manual operation, and the device is equipped with a stand to offer more convenience during use.

All in One Album Making Machine

Our all-in-one album machine boasts impeccable features such as creasing, binding, hot pressing, paper holding, and cutting, making it a perfect choice for album making. Its superior quality and durability are widely recognized around the world.

In addition to its outstanding quality, this Machine is engineered for speed and efficiency. It offers one of the fastest and most energy-efficient album-making options. The Machine comes with a digital user control panel that makes it easy to operate, providing full control over the resources of the Machine.

The combination of electric and pneumatic principles makes every step of the operation easy to operate. Hence, the Machine offers continuity of operations, enabling you to create albums in different directions efficiently.

Bronzing Machine

Our bronzing and polishing machine possesses remarkable features such as gilding, polishing, pneumatic clamp, heat preservator, built-in air compressor, and more. They comply with strict European manufacturing standards, ensuring that only the best quality machines are produced.

With energy efficiency, speedy operation, and a built-in heat preservator, these machines are your perfect partner for long-term projects. The manual control panel guarantees user-friendly operation with complete control over the Machine’s critical factors, including heat and pressure.

Digital All-in-One Album Machine

The features of this album-making Machine are designed to create high-quality albums with ease and precision. It includes a built-in silent compressor, album corner cutting unit, heat pressing section, album cover working table, creasing blade, control panel, storage space, and binding unit.

Operating the Machine is simple, producing uniform, long-lasting, and solid-glued finished albums. Additionally, the creasing blade presses out exquisite lines without fracture, and the pressing marks are precise without any damage to the photos.

DT 4 Semi Auto Album Machine

Our DT4 Album Machine offers top-notch features such as creasing, binding, manual hot pressing, and manual cutting. One of the most remarkable features of our product is its outstanding quality and durability, which is why it is widely recognized globally.

It is a highly-efficient and fast album-making machine that consumes less energy than most album-makers in the market, making it an eco-friendly solution. With its intuitive manual user control panel, operating the device is as easy as pie, and you can have full control of air pressure, temperature, and other machine resources.