Are you looking for printers that print large sizes from 17 to 98 inches? Canon Inkjet Large Format printers provide the best solution for scanning and Printing faster with exceptional quality.

Whether you want to print Large Fine Arts Designs, patterns, technical documents (including blueprints, maps, or structural diagrams), or any graphics and textile applications, Canon Inkjet Large Format Printers do the job for you with quality printing and yielding high productivity.

Large Format Prints

Large format prints cover a wide range of sizes; they can be technical documents with complex designs or large-size photos, big portraits, high-quality professional prints, commercial graphics, posters, advertising signage, and graphics that grab the viewer’s attention.

Technical Documents via Canon Inkjet Printers

With Canon Inkjet and Large Format Printers, printing and scanning large, complex technical documents have become easier and more efficient; over the years, Canon has developed a reliable solution that makes your large technical document printing a piece of cake.

Almost all the modern-day Canon plotters can perform multifunction tasks; you can scan, share, and copy directly from the file and network it to all connected devices. Canon large format printers produce complex documents with great color accuracy and efficiency.

Canon Inkjet Photo Printer to print Photos and Fine Art

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO series printers are designed to produce exceptionally high-quality professional prints, keeping color accuracy and vibrancy intact with improved high efficacy. With their 11-color plus Chroma Optimizer models, Canon has perfected the art of producing color-rich expressions and consistency.

All the PRO series printers are equipped with intelligent technology that enables advanced media handling, and with a built-in color densitometer, the color matching is precise and calibrated.

Commercial Graphics, Posters, and Signage

Commercial Graphics and advertising are about speed, accuracy, and cost-saving; Canon printers offer all these features and are loaded with technologies that produce quality prints faster, saving cost and time.

Canon L-COA processors can process complex data at uncommonly fast speed; its ColorWave with crystal features produces dry, high-quality prints on any media crucial in commercial printing. Similarly, Colorado with FLXfinish provides the flexibility to change inks as per different media, and Arizona VariaDot delivers photographic quality prints at high speed.

Vivid Neon Colors

Canon imagePROGRAF GP series is known for producing vivid neon colors for high-end outputs that capture and captivate viewer attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canon is a reliable brand with innovative features and technology that few brands offer, especially in the large format category. They are regarded as the best in class.

Yes, Canon large format inkjet printers are made for commercial purposes; you can choose a model that best suits your business, whether advertising, producing true colors, or even delivering high-end neon colors.

Although there are many places where you buy Canon printers, if you want to buy original products, TENUAI is the authorized canon distributor in the KSA with original products at the best prices.